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Think fast in order to rise through the corporate ranks in this fun, innovative, and action-packed game.

Do not hesitate to step over bodies or jump over cubicle walls to reach your goals. The tasks that you will need to accomplish will seem simple and mundane at first, but will become non-trivial as you advance to new levels and get promoted for your achievements.

Adventures that await you will require unorthodox thinking to complete them in your quest for massive salary and the prized corner-office dream job

Download from the Google Play


As a big fan of computer games, especially logic driven (Portal fans!) I was able to publish my own game ideas. One would be an "Office Rush". Every level is a puzzle that user has to solve to advance to another level but it's broken into several pieces and a user has to first bring everything back in order and then rush through the level, while time is ticking.


  • Resource planning & organizing a project team

  • Time Management & Scheduling

  • Ensuring stakeholder's satisfaction with the Alpha & Beta prototypes

  • Outlining game mechanics

  • Progress monitoring

  • Reporting progress to the stakeholder 

  • End-user behavior monitoring and adjusting UI elements & workflows


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