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Bubble Birds are here to challenge you! Shoot balloons and match birds by color to rescue them! Our beloved bubble birds popped out of their nests and got lost! Embark on a bubble shooting journey and reunite funny birds with their flock!

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The goal was to create a series of adapted classic games for all major application marketplaces. Stakeholders gave a task to manage 5-10 game titles during the course of a couple of years.

During my time at ZiMad, I was in charge of the development of popular game adaptations such as Tic Tac Toe, Bubble Popping & color matching, Angry Birds like games, Battleship and more.



  • Resource planning & organizing a project team

  • Time Management & Scheduling

  • Converting requests, requirements, and ideas from stakeholders into a scope documentation

  • Ensuring stakeholder's satisfaction with the Alpha & Beta prototypes

  • Outlining game mechanics

  • Progress monitoring

  • Reporting progress to the stakeholder 

  • End-user behavior monitoring and adjusting UI elements & workflows.

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