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MAVEN is a design-focused, independent manufacturer representative group located in San Francisco. Maven represents a small, curated group of innovative furniture manufacturers from around the world. Their products can be found extensively throughout a community and their reach extends into all types of environments from small start-ups to global technology companies, law firms, healthcare environments, airports, and restaurants.


Maven is a Contemporary design group which brings several leading luxury office furniture manufacturing brands in the industry to its customers in Bay Area. It focuses on manufacturers who require a professional, modern approach. I was hired by my client to visualize the objective by creating an easy-to-use and elegantly simple place where clients can easily connect with MAVEN.


  • Minimalistic website with 10 + different layouts

  • Back End management system

  • Custom notification center

  • Inventory Management System

  • Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

  • Event triggered email notification center with more than 15 templates.

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